Sunday, November 12, 2006


Last night, i "heard" a news that i not want to be true at all this time, but yes, it was true, whatever you done will not change this fact.
So at that moment, i had decided to drop it all, forget all about it, and move forward, leaved other behind. But i will still make a final surprise, just see it if the time come :D.
I hope that you would be happier with him.

It's all happened when me and my friend made a gathering at one of restaurant in northern Bandung. After i got home, with my uncertainty feeling, i text one of my best friend (mega) for yah, a little "curhat" gt d ;), it was about 12.30 PM and guess what? she still awake, so finally i called her to describe all the problem clearly. we talked for almost one and a half hour, in brief she told me that, do not took a decision just based on rumours and what were you thinking. i admit that, i made that kind of conclusion based on my friend talk to each other.. So, at this point honestly i confuse. Is she already has a he (her ex)? Oya, wanna say thanks to mega, i can really can count on you..

Oya, for the closing, to avoid rumours develop out there, maybe this was my last post about elovie problem. Next time i will post about school and others. OK, see u there.
thank you, halda aditya belgaman sign off.

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onlymee said...

kenapa neeh dit? ada apa ada apa??