Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Day

Menulis memakai tektah (teknik barudak jatah) :)) thx to aradea who found this name :)

When would be the H-Day?
i do not know for sure, actually i almost tell the truth to her in the past two days.
But there was one issue that made me confuse and not sure to tell to everyone or her about my really feelings. Although i had heard explicitly from her directly about the answer i want to know, but still that not make me sure with what her status right now.
so, if there were someone or somebody who know about this quetion : is she "available" ??

please tell me. thx


lenny said...

hm.. istikhoroh bagus, lebih bagus lagi tanya langsung :)
have the courage to tell her that sun and moon rise in her eyes..

Anonymous said...

cie..cie...SMANGATH DIT !!!



ahung said...

dit ceunah moal posting soal eui??huhuhu makin hot weh gosip maneh euyy

belgaman said...

desakan situasi dan kondisi hung.

perempuan itu said...

ayo ditt