Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Judgment day

Here i am,
sit in front of computer,
write a blog waiting for tomorrow, still wondering, and questioning,
Am i gonna pass from tomorrow thesis exam?
Am i gonna graduate from this faculty?
If i pass,
Where am i would go?
What am i going to be?
Would i be a success person?
What's waiting for me out there?
Am i able to face the future?

Beside all that question, in my heart I'm always sure that, if i take it slowly and took it step by step, then all difficulties. obstacle etc. would disappears.
As a human being we must always think positive, and always pray for the best to ALLAH SWT. Isn't it?

*pray for me ok :-D*
20 hours left to judgment time
MSM Syndicate room
halda aditya belgaman signing out

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