Tuesday, June 03, 2008


A philosopher once said that the beauty of the world was not when you were happy, but the beauty of the world was when you saw others happy because of you.

That is my way of live, i'm happy when see others happy because of me. i can calm down my friend when they get angry, i can cheers them up when they sad, i can give spirit when they feeling down, i can suggest them when they need to, or i just can listen, when they need to share.

At some point those philosophy are quite right for me, but on the other hand, like now, when i'm feel so down..... i feel so lonely.

Where are my friends when i need to?
where are they when i need to be cheers?
where are they when i need to be lift up?
where are they when i need to share?
where are they when i need them?

Setelah melalui proses berpikir dan berintrospeksi, i got the answer..
The answer is,
I did not call them,
I did not ask them to help me
I did not let them know that i'm down

The fault is all mine, i did not open my self.
Right now, i'm sure even though there were not beside me when i need to, but there were always be there for me ;). Like the star, you cannot always see them, but you know they were exist in other part of the planet.

*So no matter if you were not happy, as long as your friend are happy, lets enjoy this world. And Always be sure that your friend wont let you down*

And last, everything gonna be alright if you ask for help to Allah SWT the almighty

NB : Happy birthday for me, my self n i
and welcome to the world of happiness and loneliness

00:10 WIB
My beloved room
Halda aditya @ a quarter of century old
Signin out

edited : HEY, you know what?? i just got called from my best friend from college... whuaaaah senangnyaaaa
at least now, this is not my worst birthday as i expected before..
makasih ya meg ;)


Reno S. Anwari said...

Membahagiakan orang lain itu sedekah, mencari kebahagiaan untuk diri sendiri itu ibadah.

Selamat tambah tua, semoga makin 'berani', makin fokus, makin berisi, dan makin jauh melangkah.

icang said...

hou....dalem kinda feels that way sometimes :D

niwe,bru nemplok pertama ni,lam kenal ..