Thursday, October 05, 2006

missing you

not seeing you a whole day (even in my Y!M list) made me "insane"

where are you???

am i over-reacting ? :D


brambeboner said...

gw ada di ppk dit... hehehehe
tetep semangat ya dit.. nikmatin keindahannya, gw jadi inget naik rollingcoster..

belgaman said...

busyet mpe si bram baca blog gw :))

ampuunn dj, hehehe
thx yoo

Anonymous said...

Where are you Where are you
I am getting exhausted by the long wait
But we will meet.. I will believe that

Where are you Where are you
I will not cry
Love without happy memories
Is still love to me

Where are you Where are you
I became weak from the long lonliness
But if its not you then its not love

Where are You By: BoA