Monday, September 25, 2006

What a week

I started the 5th week in school with an little higher heart beat rather than last week. Why?
cause this week there was a bunch of homework waited all week long. Included i had to do an presentation (moderating an class discussion).
In early day, i had determined that the homework must be finished before Wednesday, but like always.. i did'nt do anything until Wednesday afternoon. It's mean i had to stay awake for all night, just to finished homework in thursday..
And it's happened, that day (thursday night) i just got a sleep for an 2 hour (itu juga ktiduran) :D.
The next day, thursday and friday was even worse. that 2 day, i'm not got a rest/sleep for even a while, just for doing the homework done.
So at friday afternoon, i had an headache (it's been worse cause i dont had time for breakfast and lunch earlier that day).
Finally i closed this week on friday night with going dinner at the BIP mall with my classmate, we have a good time for refreshing our mind and strength after a rough week.
Beside all that, this week i also had a pleasant feeling about something that i will not tell you guys (girl, you make my heart fly away ) :p
See u in different story in part of halda aditya belgaman life......

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